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Original video found at are one of the biggest names in the industry, and the Kanger Subvod is one of the best vape pens around. It comes with a top fill version of the best selling Kanger Subtank, in the form of the Kanger Toptank Nano, and a 1300 mAh Kanger Subvod battery.Cloud pens are horrid. Puffco rebrands and marks the price up on Chinese tech that can be found cheaper. Look to Oilvaporizer and W9tech. They’re the best in the game. At your price, you could afford a Hercules SR-74x, you never replace coils, it holds a gram, it’s unparalleled.Check out our list of the most discreet vape pens and portable vaporizers for consuming your cannabis and concentrates free from the stares of passersby. The Best Discreet Vape Pens and Portable.Another year has passed, and it’s time to recap the best vapes we’ve reviewed in 2016. This year brought many new models with features that could only be dreamed of a short time ago, and with.The Saber Vape is arguably one of the best available wax pens for the price. At $39.99, it is accessible to even the most budget-conscious consumer. Do not let its low price point fool you, though the saber delivers delicious, high-quality vapor comparable to its high-end counterparts. · Top 10 Best Vaporizers. Here you’ll find vaporizer reviews of the best portable vaporizers and more. Peruse our list and see if you can find anything of interest. 1. v2pro series 7 Vaporizer. Sitting comfortably on our top portable vaporizer list is the V2Pro Series 7 Vaporizer. It is one of the most versatile devices you could go for today.Vape Pen Starter Kits: A Brief Guide . The top 10 of the best vape starter kit choices above gives you everything you really need to know to find a suitable ecig starter kit for your needs, but you might feel a little overwhelmed by all of the options.If you’re looking for the best vape to quit smoking, then the lost vape orion Q Pod System should definitely be on your radar.. Firstly, this device has a maximum wattage output of 17w, which is perfect for salt nic or higher nicotine e-liquids. Next, it has an internal 950mAh battery, so it’ll last you all through your work day.